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Beginning a new era, achieving new height – the 5th International Dredging Technology Development Conference of China successfully convenes

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On Nov. 28, 2017, the 5th International Dredging Technology Development Conference of China co-hosted by EADA of WODA, CHIDA and CCCC successfully convened in Baifuyi Hotel, Beijing at 8:00 am.

      The conference has unprecedented amount of participants: over 400 dredging talents from nearly 200 dredging-related companies and institutions gathered in Beijing to discuss the latest industry trend and technology advancements on the theme of “dredging, ecology, sustainability.”

        Mr. Padman, chairman of WODA and EADA revisited the 120-year history of CCCC-TDC and congratulated TDC on its 120th anniversary. He announced that CHIDA and WODA will co-host the World Dredging Conference in April 2019 and he wished the upcoming event a success.

 Mr. Padman

Mr. Wang Haihuai, chairman of CHIDA and vice president of CCCC delivered the opening speech. He first welcomed delegates and representatives from WODA and CHIDA members, experts, paper authors, and outstanding young talents attending this conference. He then warmly congratulated the “Centennial TDC” which embodies the toughness, hard-working, intelligent and innovative spirit of China’s dredging industry with highest regards and respect.

Mr. Wang Haihuai

vMr. Wang pointed out that the dredging industry is an important driving force for the world’s sustainable development, China’s dredging industry has experienced rapid development through its “golden era” and has become an important force in enhancing the contribution and influence of the world's dredging industry. Facing the fundamental changes in development method, growth momentum, and service form, we need to deepen our understanding of the fundamental attributes, social functions, and ecological value of the dredging industry to promote the transformation and upgrade of the dredging industry. We need to fully understand the five strengths that boost the sustainable development of the dredging industry, which are the strength of ecological civilization, the strength of technology evolution, the strength of self-improvement and competition, the strength of taking on challenges, and the strength of cooperative development. By integrating, fully utilizing and transforming the five strengths into the energy of creativity and innovation, we can achieve the great mission of connecting the world, building ecosystems and benefiting mankind, while exhibiting the new look of China’s dredging industry.

Director Wang Haihuai announced the opening of the Fifth China International Dredging Technology Development Conference and wished it a complete success.

After the opening ceremony were the special reports that all the participants were eagerly looking forward to, presided over by Qian Xianguo, secretary general of China Dredging Association. Mr. Zhou Jingbo, Chairman of CCCC Dredging Group, Linming, chief engineer of China Communications Construction Company and general manager of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Project, Mr. Hypolite Pierre Laboyrie, Chairman of Central Dredging Association, Mr. Zhong Mowei, Chairman of the Board of Tianjin Dredging Company, Mr. Nik Mohd Kame, managing director of Dr. Nickel Engineering Consulting and Mr. Jurgen Dhollander, representative of the International Federation of Dredging Industry, gave keynote speeches on the theme of "Dredging, Ecology and Sustainable Development".

With the theme of "Create a New Era of Green Dredging and Open a New Era of Ecological Civilization," Chairman Zhou Jingbo elaborated on the development with unremitting efforts of CCCC Dredging Group. In the face of the current severe resource and environmental situation, the construction of an ecological civilization has become a new choice of human. The environmental protection dredging industry, which focuses on the comprehensive management of water environment, will become a new direction for the transformation and upgrading of the dredging industry. As the largest dredging enterprise in the world, CCCC Dredging Group actively undertakes the important mission of promoting the innovation and development of the industry and is determined to become an important participant, contributor and leader in the global economic, social and ecological construction, to contribute to promoting the dredging industry in China as a great ecological civilization in the world. His speech has won the praise of the guests at the scene and bursts of applause.

Mr. Zhou Jingbo

Under the title of "Technology Innovation and Practice of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Project," and with stirring figures and magnificent photographs, Lin Ming vividly described how the Project was completed by realizing innovation breakthroughs of all kinds of world-class construction problems. With unprecedented determination, confidence to meet difficulties and unprecedented innovation, this remarkable world miracle has been accomplished. Lin Ming's speech made a profound impression on all the Chinese and foreign guests present. In particular, many foreign friends who did not know much about the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Project have all deeply been shocked by this world-class project, by China's solid strength and creativity.

Mr. Lin Ming

With the key words of "sustainable development", and under the title "Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Development", CEDA Chairman Laboyrie introduced in detail the achievements of the Central Dredging Association. He put forward seven principles of sustainable dredging and introduced advanced ecological dredging concepts such as "ecosystem services", "nature-based solutions", "building with nature" and "adaptive management", and devoted to providing guidance for sustainable development of dredging projects.

CEDA Chairman Laboyrie

TDC Chairman Zhong Wenwei gave a speech with the title of " Benefit the World, Dredge to the Future—The Developing Dredging Industry in China and the Development of CCCC-TDC ", and guided the audience to review the 120-year development of CCCC-TDC, focusing on the brilliant achievements of TDC. The glorious journey of TDC, spanning three centuries, confirmed the guests their confidence in the future of China's dredging industry.

Mr. Zhong Wenwei gave a speech with the title of " Benefit the World, Dredge to the Future—The Developing Dredging Industry in China and the Development of CCCC-TDC "

With the title of "Challenges of Dredging and Reclamation from the Perspective of Southeast Asia", Mr. Nik Mohd Kame, taking STP2 reclamation and dredging project in Penang, Malaysia as an example, analyzes the challenges facing the sustainable development of the dredging and land reclamation industries from many aspects, and explored sustainable solutions for the dredging industry, which provided a new perspective for the market players.

Mr. Nik Mohd Kame

Dhollander gave a speech entitled "Towards Sustainable Port Development". He took the Port Bonnie Bay Extension project in Australia as an example of an ecosystem services (ES) assessment, to describe how to promote the positive and sustainable development of port development projects.

Dhollander gave a speech entitled "Towards Sustainable Port Development"

The conference has special symposiums on the latest trend of intelligent dredging and dredging technology, dredging technology and process, special seminar for young talents and environmental dredging and ecological construction, and academic exchange on dredging equipment. Huang Guangbin of Nanyang Technological University Professor, Yang Wenjun, Deputy Chief Engineer of Yangtze River Scientific Institute, and representatives from Delft University of Technology, Caterpillar, Damen Shipbuilding Group, IHC, Zhenhua Heavy Industries, Hohai University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, CCCC-TDC, CCCC-SDC, CCCC-GDC, and other domestic and foreign research institutions and business gathered together, to talk about cutting-edge scientific and technological research in all fields of the dredging industry, and focus on the latest researches in the fields of intelligent dredging, dredging operation, ecological dredging and equipment manufacturing.

The successful convening of the Fifth China International Dredging Technology Development Conference marks an important milestone for the dredging industry in China, which indicates that the dredging industry of China will leap forward further and take off again in the new era and at a new starting point.