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The 5th International Dredging Technology Development Conference of China Notification II

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The 5th International Dredging Technology Development Conference of China

Notification II

Information on the conference agenda, paper submission and registration

The Theme of the Conference

Dredging EcologySustainable

Hosted by: EADA, CHIDA, CCCC, CCCC-Dredging (Group) Co., Ltd

Organized by: Tianjin Hexi District Governmnet, CCCC-TDC,

The Design Association of North China


▇ Welcome to Tianjin

▇ Invitation from the Conference

▇ Date and Venue

▇ The Theme of Conference

▇ Agenda List

▇ Paper Submission

▇ Language for Conference

▇ Highlights of the Conference

▇ 120th Anniversary Celebration of TDC

▇ Sign up and Registration

▇ Publicity and Exhibition of Enterprise

▇ Checking in and Accommodation

▇ Organizational Structure of Conference

▇ Contact Information of Conference Secretariat

▇ Information on Climate and Traffic

▇ Modification

▇ Annex  

Annex1: Content and Format Requirements of the Paper

Annex2: Receipt Sheet for participants in the 5th International Dredging Technology Development Conference


Welcome to Tianjin

           As one of the four municipalities directly under the Central Government, Tianjin boasts as the largest economic and trade center in North China. With the attractive scenery and abundant natural resources and cultures, Tianjin is also characterized with her local folk custom . The historical interests of modern China gives the city  rich tourism resources. The city is also renowned for the long-history and dynamics as the modern port city. Welcome to Tianjin. 

Invitation from the Conference

Dredging is the fundamental activity for industrialization, urbanization, modernization and ecological civilization construction. Since the new century, dredging has been playing an important role in the economic development, social progress, people’s living standard improvement. Nowadays, in the face of the structural adjustment of global economy and the impact of technical revolution, the dredging industry in both China and the rest of the world needs to push forward the self-transformation and all-round innovation focusing on the significant issues like the change of market demand, sustainable development and the construction of new ecological system and so on. This is the common interest and common objective of the dredging industry.   

Therefore, we sincerely invite the members from World Organization of Dredging Associations and companies from CHIDA to participate this conference; sincerely invite the dredging experts, scholars and technicians to submit their papers, sincerely invite the dredging-related companies to give the exhibition on their product and technologies.   

Date and Venue

The Fifth International Dredging Technology Development Conference of China will be held at of Geneva Hotel, Tianjin China. The conference will last for 4 days from September 25, 2017 (Monday) to September 28, 2017 (Thursday).

The Theme of Conference

The theme of Conference is “Dredging•  Ecology•Sustainable”

The Agenda List

From September 25, 2017 to September 28, 2017







Whole day

Representatives sign up and register; companies set up booth

Geneva Hotel




opening ceremony

Fenghua Hall


Keynote Report of the Conference

Fenghua Hall





Submit Forum

Discussion topic——“Facing Future: Joint Development between Dredging and City ”. Dialogue among the leaders and experts from EADA, Tianjin city, CCCC, CCCC-Dredging (Group) Co., Ltd, international corporations,  environmental management organizations, CCCC-TDC

Fenghua Hall





Special academic report (First Half)

The Construction Project of Tunnels and Island of Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge, and other papers

Yinhua Hall





Special academic report (Second Half)

Yinhua Hall


Communications in the celebration of the 120thAnniversary of TDC

Fenghua Hall




Papers (Theme 1)

Paper Theme——

l  The development of environmental dredging technology

l  The technology and craft of environmental and efficient dredging technology

Fenghua Hall

Papers (Theme 2)

Paper Theme——

l  New Achievement in the development of Dredging equipment, product and technology.

Yinhua Hall




Papers (Theme 3)

Paper Theme——

l  Communications on the project achievement, innovative technology and new products.

Fenghua Hall


Paper——(Forum of Youth Talent of Dredging)

Yinhua Hall


Closing ceremony/Award Ceremony/Closing speech

l  Giving Special Award Of Merit to Asian Dredging Industry

l  Release the result of Ten innovative project and Ten Scientific Innovation of dredging industry in the new century of China

l  Give the Excellent Paper Price and Outstanding Youth Talent Price of The Fifth International Dredging Technology Development Conference of China

l  Speech from the Chairman of EADA

l  Speech from the leader of Tianjin city

l  Closing speech from the president of CHIDA.

Fenghua Hall


Invite the guests to Visit




Visit Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone Island of Tianjin  Port(Pacific Ocean Wharf; artificial beach)

Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone of Tianjin


Academic Exchange among Chines and Foreign Experts


l  Discussion Topic: The strategy based on environment, efficiency and new market demand.

CCCC-TDC Building

Note: the ※ parts are for the ones who are give further notice  

Paper Submission

The Theme and Main Content of the Papers

The conference will call for papers on the conference theme of Ecology, Dredging and Sustainability and following related special topics. The Preparatory Committee and the Technical Paper Appraisal Committee will review the submitted papers to select excellent papers and determine the form for releasing on the conference or in written forms.

1.In front of the common mission of preserving the ecological environment, the improvement and innovation must be undertaken by the dredging industry.

2.How does the big data technology and smart technology drive the dredging industry to improve efficiency, save energy and reduce emission?

3.The development tendency of the dredging industry.

4.The prospect and solution for barriers of new energy applying on the dredging equipment.

5.More environmental friendly and more efficient new dredging technology.

6.The development direction of dredging equipment and its solution

7.Other contents concerning the conference theme.

II Arrangement for Young Talent Forum

In order to encourage the younger dredging talents focusing on the development of dredging and related fields, promote learning exchange and grow into key members of dredging industry, the conference will specially hold Young Talent Forum to encourage younger technical talents under 35 years old from china and other countries to publish papers and participate in the discussion.

III Basic Definition about Papers Submitted to the Conference

1.The papers submitted to the conference must be original article which shall be published for the first time. The conference shall not accept papers which have been published on other national conference or national and local official periodicals, and shall also not accept papers with advertisement nature.

2.The papers submitted to the conference shall not have any dispute about copyright.

3.All papers shall be reviewed by the Conference Preparatory Committee and Paper Appraisal Organization. The organizer of the conference has the rights to accept and classify (the accepted papers shall be published in two forms, i.e. released on the conference or published in written form) the papers and compile them into the conference proceedings.

IV Deadline for Submission and Review of Domestic Papers

1.Before May 31, 2017, the paper title and abstract (both in Chinese and English) shall be submitted, meanwhile the personal information of the author shall be submitted.

2.After reviewed by the technical paper appraisal organization, the authors of accepted papers shall be informed before June 30, 2017. The notice shall include exchange category of accepted papers (conference address or published in written form), conference registration form and copyright transfer form.

3.The authors of accepted papers shall submit drafting paper with no more than 20 pages (including pictures and tables) in total or word count around 5000 to the Secretariat of China Dredging Association. Please see annex I for writing standard of paper

4.The Technical Expert Committee of China Dredging Association —The Technical Paper Appraisal Organization shall review the papers to select excellent papers.

5.The authors of accepted papers shall complete the paper modification and submit the formal paper (both in Chinese and English) to the Secretariat of China Dredging Association before August 15, 2017. The organizer of the conference shall compile the Proceedings of the Fifth International Dredging Technology Development Conference of China.

         6.The papers shall be submitted to Email address of China Dredging Association, zgsjxh2013@163.com

V Deadline for Submission and Review of International Papers

1.The paper abstract shall be submitted to Eastern Dredging Association before May 31, 2017

2.The accepted paper shall be determined by Eastern Dredging Association before June 30, 2017.

3.The formal paper shall be submitted before August 15, 2017, which shall be submitted to China Dredging Association by Eastern Dredging Association uniformly.

4.The papers shall be submitted to Email address of Eastern Dredging Association of cckoh@pka.gov.my . Email address of China Dredging Association: zgsjxh2013@163.com

Language for the Conference

The official language for the conference is Chinese and English. The conference shall provide simultaneous interpretation service.

Highlights of the Conference

I The conference shall demonstrate the major dredging projects and progress of dredging technology in recent years in China and around the world, as well as technical and construction management achievements and distinctive solutions of offshore artificial island construction, dredging projects with complicated work conditions, island and tunnel infrastructure projects of sea-crossing bridge and dredging equipment development.

II Summit Forum

III Keynote report from CCCC Dredging Co., Ltd. and CCCC Tianjin Dredging Company

IV Visit Tianjin Port, the deepest artificial deep water port in China.

V China and International Dredging Technology Symposium

 120th Anniversary Celebration of TDC

In order to celebration the 120th anniversary of CCCC Tianjin Dredging Corporation and inherit the excellent culture of innovation in dredging industry, during the course of the conference, commemorative activities of the 120th anniversary celebration of TDC shall be held. Welcome all representatives present at the conference to participate and conduct in-depth communication.


Sign Up and Registration

I Sign Up and Registration

1.All international representatives who are willing to participate in the conference, please contact the Eastern Dredging Association, Central Dredging Association or Western Dredging Association respectively to fill out the application form. All the Associations shall send the information of sign up to the email of China Dredging Association. Under special circumstances, one can contact the Secretariat of China Dredging Association directly for signing up or registration.

2.Member companies of China Dredging Association or intended personal please contact the Secretariat of China Dredging Association.

3.Please fill out the registration form of the conference (Annex II) for sign up and registration. The filled out form shall be submitted to the Secretariat (Secretariat of China Dredging Association)

Address: C6-12M Yingte Mansion, No. 28, Xiabahe Xili, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Postcode: 100028

Telephone: 010-53699680    13716872016

Fax: 010-64475626


II. Registration and Conference Fees

1. $800 for each international attendee (from the evening of 25 September to 28 September, including accommodation, hotel buffet, project visiting, and proceedings etc.).

2. ¥1,300 for each member of China Dredging Association (from the evening of 25 September to 28 September, including hotel buffet, project visiting, and proceedings etc, Accommodation expense is not included).

3. ¥1,600 each for non-member of China Dredging Association (from the evening of 25 September to 28 September, including hotel buffet, project visiting, and proceedings etc, Accommodation expense is not included).

4. Please submit the Registration Form (Annex 2)before July 25, 2017 and conference fee by telegraphic transfer to the Secretariat (Contact person: Chen Haijie; Tel: 010-53699680 13716872016; Fax: 010-64475626).

III Cancellation of Registration

If you cannot attend the conference for any reason, please notify the meeting Secretariat in writing for cancellation before August 31, 2017. The refund procedures will be completed after the conference with the cost of the proceedings being deducted. After August 31 no longer accept the cancellation and refund procedures.

Business Promotion & Display Modes

    I The conference arranges various ways to enhance technology and product exchanges, and facilitate promotion and display of innovative achievements of the CDA members and relevant companies:

1.Compile and print the 5th China International Dredging Technology Development Conference Guide, with title page, inside front cover and inside back cover for company image publicity.

2.Compile and print Official China Dredging Association Brochure, with main pages printing China Dredging Industry Brand List—to broadcast well-known China dredging companies’ style by publicizing their names, trademarks and logos.

3.Arrange a small booth along the corridor of Fenghua hall for publicity of picture boards and small models. (See details of the booth)

4.Put large LED screens at the entrance and both sides of the conference room to play advertising videos of companies or products.

5.The conference room and dining area can also provide support for company advertisements.

For company advertisement and display, please pay attention to the follow-up notice of CDA and the professional organization for conference affairs.

6.Contact Publicity & Display Activity:

Chen Haijie

Tel: 010-53699680 13716872016

E-mail: zgsjxh2013@163.com

Fax: 010-64475626

Registration and Accommodation

I Registration

Please register on September 25, 2017 at Geneva Hotel in Tianjin, to receive the conference card and other materials. The conference group will receive attendees all day long on the registration day.

II Accommodation

Designated hotel: Tianjin Geneva Hotel. Address: No. 32, Youyi Road, Hexi District, Tianjin.

If guests want to stay in the designated hotel, please register in advance to book your reservations.

September is a peak season for business and tourism and the conference venue is located in the downtown area in Tianjin, so please book an adjacent hotel as soon as possible to ensure a convenient trip. For the assistance of the Secretariat of Conference, please contact us in advance. The following information is for reference only.

Home Inn (Guodian Center Branch): No. 4, Binguannan Road, Hexi District, Tianjin, 500m from Geneva Hotel;

Hanting Hotel (Tianjin Youyi Road Cultural Center Branch): No.38, Youyi Road, Hexi District, Tianjin, 550m from Geneva Hotel;

Organization of the Conference

I Preparatory Committee (in random order)

Honorary Director:

David Padman, President of Eastern Dredging Association of World Dredging Association


Wang Haihuai, Vice President of China Communications Construction Company and President of China Dredging Association

Executive Deputy Director:

Zhou Jingbo, President of CCCC Dredging Company

Deputy Director:

Subramaniam, Secretary-General of Eastern Dredging Association of World Dredging Association

Jia Fengshan, CPC Secretary of Tianjin Hexi District Party Committee

Zhong Wenwei, President of CCCC Tianjin Dredging Company

Qian Xianguo, Secretary-General of China Dredging Association


Sun Zhanjun, Deputy Mayor of People 's Government of Hexi District

Lin YiChong, President of China Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd.

Ge Xinxing, President of Changjiang River Waterway Bureau

Sui Shouxin, General Manager of Sinohydro Harbour Co., Ltd.

Xu Sifa, President of CRCC Harbor & Channel Engineering Company.

Zhu Yongyu, President of Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd

Hou Xiaoming, President of Shanghai Dredging Co., Ltd. and director of Association of Technical Experts Committee

Zhang Hongwen, General Manager of CCCC Harbor Dredging Division and Director of Harbor&Channel Dredging and Reclamation Professional Committee

Wang Baihuan, President of Guangzhou Dredging Co., Ltd..

Peng Zengliang, General Manager of CCCC Environmental Protection Investment Co., Ltd.

Xiao Yunfeng, General Manager of CCCC Marine Construction & Development Co., Ltd

Wang Yi, Deputy General Manager of CSSC Huangpu Wenchong Shipyard and director of dredging equipment professional committee

Huang Xuecai, President of Hubei Yangtze River Dredging Engineering Co., Ltd and director of water dredging professional committee

Gu Ming, Chief Engineer of Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd and director of environmental dredging design and construction committee

II Secretariat (in random order)


Qian Xianguo, Secretary-General of China Dredging Association

Deputy Director:

Jiang Jingbo, deputy secretary of CPC of Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd.


Li Long, Director of Financial Bureau of Hexi District, Tianjin

Han Jinbo, Director of Investment Promotion Bureau, Hexi District, Tianjin and Director of Hexi District People 's Government Foreign Affairs Office

Cai Ning, Director of Science and Technology Committee of Hexi District, Tianjin

Wang Zhongpeng, Director of Chen Tong Technology Business District Administrative Committee and Secretary-General of North Design Alliance

Gao Jingli, Deputy General Secretary of China Dredging Association

Ding Shuyou, Deputy Director of Technical Center of Tianjin Dredging Company

Bao Cheng, Office Director of Tianjin Dredging Company

Chen YueShan, Deputy Director of Corporate Culture of Tianjin  Dredging Company

Zhang Lin, Secretary of Northern Design Alliance Secretariat

III Technical Paper Review Committee (China) (in random order)

Undertaken by technical experts committee of China Dredging Association

     Director, Hou Xiaoming, CCCC Shanghai Dredging Company

     Deputy director, Gu Ming, Tianjin Dredging Company

     Secretary General, Zhang Qingbo, National Engineering Research Center of Dredging Technical Equipment

IV Technical Paper Review Committee (outside China) (in random order)

Secretary-General of Eastern Dredging Association Subramaniam

Secretary-General of Western Dredging Association Thomas P. Cappellino

Secretary-General of Central Dredging Association Anna Csiti

Contact Conference Secretariat

Koh Chian Cheat (Eastern Dredging Association):

Tel: + 603-3168 8211 +6012 393 0369

E-mail: cckoh@pka.gov.my

Fax: + 603 3168 8228

Guo Enze (China Dredging Association):

Tel: 86-10-53693612

E-mail: zgsjxh2013@163.com

Fax: 86-10-64475626

During the meeting, the Secretariat of the Conference is at the Geneva Hotel.

Climate and Traffic Information

I Climate Information:

Climate of September in Tianjin: significant temperature difference between day and night with average temperature of 17 ℃-26 ℃.

II. Venue Information

Location: No.32 Youyi Road, Hexi District, Tianjin, China (International Exhibition Center Area, adjacent to Binshuidao Road);

Zip code: 400020; Tel: 022-96599045;

Fax: 86-22-28359855 or 28359856;

Website: http://www.genevahotels.com.cn

E-mail: gh28354112@163.com

III Surrounding Environment:

 The hotel is located in the heart of Tianjin Financial Exhibition Area, close to Tianjin Municipal Government and Tianjin Cultural Center.

 22 km from Tianjin Binhai International Airport;

 8 km from Tianjin East Railway Station;

 5 km from Binjiang Road of the city center;

 10 km from Tianjin West Railway Station.


The Secretariat of China Dredging Association and the Secretariat of this meeting reserve the right to modify this notice.

Annex 1:

Requirement on the contents and format of the paper


The title should be the logical combination of the appropriate and concise words that can reflect the certain contents of the paper. Words that are ambiguous or too general should be avoided. (The title usually should be no more than 20 words, subheading may be used if necessary. Verb-object construction should be avoided as much as possible. As for the nominal phrase, the expression such as The Study on..., or Based on..... should be avoided.)


The author should provide the following information along with the paper

(1). the name of department, school, university, province, city, zip code and contact information.

(2). Company name, province, city, zip code and contact information.


The abstract should be self-evident or self-explanatory, that means, necessary information can be obtained even the reader did not read the whole paper. Scientific expressions and specific data should be used instead of literary modifiers. The following items should be avoided: figures, signs, reference, complicated equation or complex chemical formula,symbols or terms that are not well-known. Self-evaluation, such as this research shows the bright future of application for the……, or …… has not been reported, should be avoided. If the abstract is the accurate, specific and complete generalization of the innovation of the paper will directly determine whether the paper will be used, read or referred. The length of the abstract should be between 200-300 words. The abstract shall be written in the third person. The subject such as this paper, the article, the author, this study should not be used as the subject. 


The paper keywords are words or phrases that can reflect the theme and concept of the paper, which are convenient for bibliographical index and retrieval. Every paper shall have 3 to 8 keywords, which should be separated by full-width semicolon. The Chinese keywords shall not be written with English or western language symbols as far as possible. Note: at least 2 keywords shall be selected from EI controlled vocabulary, which can be searched in college digital libraries.


As the beginning of the paper, the introduction mainly answers the question of “why study”. It concisely introduces the background of the thesis, research history and present situations of related fields, and the intention and analysis basis of the paper, including the goal of the paper, study scope and theory and selection of technical scheme. The introduction shall be written concisely, and it is not equivalent to the abstract or turns into the explanatory notes for the abstract. It shall not detail the basic theory, experiment method and deduction of basic equation already known by the industry or stated in the textbook. If any technical terminology or abbreviations adopted in the paper text, it should be defined in the introduction. Generally, the introduction shall not exceed 800 words and not be classified in numbering of chapter.

6.Length of text

The text of paper shall not exceed 20 pages in total (counting blank space and icon space).

Annex 2

Conference Registration Form

Registration deadline: July 25, 2017

Please fill in the attached "Fifth International Dredging Technology Development Conference attendance receipt form" and together with the conference fee before July 25, 2017, by fax or E-mail to the China Dredging Association Secretary .

When we receive yourConference AttendeeReceiptand relevant fees, your qualification of the conference is confirmed. The Secretariat of the Conference will sent youConfirmation of Conference Representativeand invoice. Please get conference materials and take part in conference activities by the Confirmation of Conference Representative.

1.The conference fee is $800 for each international attendee (from the evening of 25 September to 28 September, including accommodation, hotel buffet, project visiting, and proceedings etc).

2.¥1,300 for each member of China Dredging Association (from the evening of 25 September to 28 September, including hotel buffet, project visiting, and proceedings etc, Accommodation expense is not included.).

3.¥1,600 each for non-member of China Dredging Association (from the evening of 25 September to 28 September, including hotel buffet, project visiting, and proceedings etc, Accommodation expense is not included.).


Registration Form of 5thInternational Dredging Technology Development Conference

Organization Name:






Accommodation or not

Shared room or not

Visiting Tianjin Port or not






Designated Contact Person              Cellphone                   E-mail

China Dredging Association Bank, account and account number:

Receiver: China Dredging Association    Deposit Bank: Beijing Dongzhimen Branch, China Merchants Bank

Account number: 862980048210001         Contact: Chen Haijie

Tel: 010-53699680 Fax: 010-64475626     E-mail: zgsjxh2013@163.com

Note: Please indicate the 5thInternational Dredging Conference on the money order.