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China Dredging Association to participate in the International Conference on dredging in India (2014, India)

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   From January 24th to 25, India Dredging Association should be entrusted to the eastern Dredging Association held in Calcutta ": dredging equipment and application symposium. The governor of West Bengal state of India and the state's transportation minister invited to attend the meeting and made a keynote speech. From India, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Holland, China nearly 200 contractors and shipyards and equipment manufacturers representatives attended the meeting.

   China harbor Dredging Association on behalf of Mr. Sun Xinxiao China in the read out on the meeting entitled "joint excavation dredging technology based on the combination of multiple types of fleet application under complex geological conditions, has been fully affirmed the delegates.

   China Dredging Association through the meeting set up a dredging communication platform between China and India, deepen the delegates to China dredging technology and equipment capacity to understand. (Yuan Qian edited)