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The twentieth world Dredging Congress (2013 Brussels)

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The twentieth World Congress of dredging

Hold to "dredging techniques" as the theme of the twentieth world Dredging Congress on June 3, 2013 --7 in Belgium - Brussels - Square Conference center. The conference and exhibition by the World Federation of Dredging Association Central Dredging Association, gathered from around the world, the dredging industry academia and government departments and relevant units of many experts and scholars. The participants of this conference a total of 427 people, including: Holland 134 representatives, 78 representatives of Belgium, China 45 representatives, 23 representatives of Britain, Germany, the United States 22 representatives, 19 representatives of Nigeria, Denmark, Australia; the 12 representatives of Japan; 11 representatives, 8 representatives of Russia, Malaysia; the 7 representatives of France, Spain, Arabia, Canada; the 5 representatives of Italy, Nepal, Maldives; 3 representatives; Singapore, the 2 representatives of Portugal and Oman, Brazil, Norway, Panama, South Korea, South Africa, India, the 1 representatives.

As an important member of the World Association of Chinese dredging Dredging Association, which is the fifth member organizations in the world Dredging Congress and exhibition.

Considering the needs of the participants, the association group was divided into A group, B group of two models, a total of 40 representative rows. Among them, A group of 33 representatives led by United Association, B group of 7 representatives for free.

     During the meeting, a total of 98 published papers. Among them, China Dredging Association to collect domestic 32 papers at home and abroad through technical papers review committee of experts review, author screening and enrollment of participants, and ultimately selected 11 speech papers.

     This session of the general assembly set up a total of 48 booths (see below).Chinese Dredging Association exhibitors, a total of 7 units of 9 booths, respectively: China transportation construction group Limited by Share Ltd, the Yangtze River Waterway Bureau, Shijiazhuang pump industry Refco Group Ltd, Jiangsu China Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., Tianjin Pu friends of the electrical and mechanical equipment manufacturing Co. Ltd., Shanghai xingegang resistant composite materials Co., Ltd. and Beijing Beijing Industrial Logistics Co. ltd.. Among them, cccg and register separately Changhang Bureau 2 booths.


During the conference, symposium and Exhibition three days simultaneously, general situation as follows:



Six 3 August (Monday)

Report and Exhibition

Six 4 August (Tuesday)

The opening ceremony, academic communication conference and Exhibition

Six 5 August (Wednesday)

Symposium and Exhibition

Six 6 August (Thursday)

Symposium and Exhibition

Six 7 August (Friday)

Technical investigation

Antwerp port lock

AMORAS Dredged soil dewatering facilities

Sigma Flood control works


     After the meeting, the association to arrange the inspection 4 dredging company, namely: Jan De Nul, DEME, IHC and Damen.

     By attending this conference, exchanges and cooperation with foreign counterparts China dredging industry more closely, China dredging industry in the international discourse power has been further strengthened, China dredging industry strength has been the world's attention, hope and China cooperation and help more and more.

     During the General Assembly held a World Federation of Eastern dredging Dredging Association Council China Dredging Association Chairman Mr. Chen Yun was elected vice president of the new East Dredging Association, vice chairman and Secretary General of the association Mr. Yang Zunwei Wang Council members.

  The twentieth world Dredging Congress photos

Some representatives photo

The presidium of the Congress
The report
Cocktail lounge
The dinner hall
Autoworld dinner
In a corner of the exhibition
The board of directors of EADA

Sigma flood control engineering investigation

     The basic information

     Home Page
     General Assembly
     L site
     L registration
     L accommodation
     L technology study
     L social activities
     L suite of optional items
     The content of the general assembly
     L theme
     L keynote
     L (Preliminary) schedule arrangement
     The author notes L
     L abstract submission
     L important dates
     L Awards
     L consulting

     L exhibition fee
     L standard booth includes the cost of project
     Booth l example
     L Exhibition registration staff enjoy the project
     L details of the exhibition and registration
     organizing committee
     L Executive Committee
     L technical review committee
     The organization of L
     Contact information

     Click to download: The twentieth world Dredging Congress

     Source: http://cedaconferences.org/wodcon

(update: 2013-01-17)

  Notice of registration to attend the twentieth World Congress (dredging sparse Xie Zi No. [2013]02)
Each member of the unit:
The twentieth world Dredging Congress will be held in Belgium in June 2013. The conference and exhibition by the World Federation of Dredging Association Central Dredging Association, the theme of "dredging skills".
As an important member of the World Association of China dredging Dredging Association, will organize members to participate in this session of conference and exhibition.Specific issues are notified as follows:

A general assembly, basic information

1, time: June 3, 2013 (Monday) ----7 day (Friday)
2, venue: Brussels Convention Center Plaza, Belgium
3, schedule:
June 3rd - report Exhibition
Report to the 6 days of the exhibition - June 4th
June 7th - the show, technical investigation
4, the delegate registration fee:
The representative before March 15, 2013 payment: 1149.5 euros (including 21% VAT)
- member representatives after the March 15, 2013 payment: 1270.5 euros (including 21% VAT)
5, the exhibitor registration fee:
The standard booth for 3X2=6 square meters
- member unit: 3751 euros (including 21% value-added tax shall be paid within 14 days after the submission of the registration;
- this fee includes 2 exhibition personnel quota, but the number of participants does not enjoy the qualification, such as participants with an additional fee).
6, accommodation:
- the team recommended 13 two to five star and meeting with the cooperation between the hotel, such as Italy to online booking.
Detailed information about the Convention - please see China Dredging Association website ("news conference", "International Conference" -- "Twentieth world Dredging Congress column").

Two, model group

The Group intends to take A and B two models. The following is the form and characteristics of:
The form and characteristics of the 1 and A mode
(1) the pattern of overseas activities mainly to attend the twentieth World Conference on dredging, dredging, construction of a number of well-known manufacturing companies, only Belgium and Holland in two countries outside the residence time of about 10 days.
(2) the Secretariat responsible for group affairs, including: registration fee, registration fee, and arrange foreign air tickets, accommodation, tour etc..
The form and characteristics of the 2 and B mode
     The Secretariat of the association is only responsible for the registration, fees and registration fee (China Dredging Association is the world Dredging Association Federation members attended the meeting, enjoy the member price), other matters to handle.

Three, specific registration matters

1, please, the participating units seriously fill in the registration form (Annex 1, annex 2, Annex 3) and the official seal on February 28, 2013 before the Chinese Dredging Association (fax telephone and fax number: 010 - 64159215, contact: Li Mengchao).
2, the registration fee is 11000 yuan per person. The registration fee for each standard booth 35000 yuan. All units must will attend the fair registration fee to transfer to the China Dredging Association March 8th.
The bank: China Merchants Bank Beijing Dongzhimen branch
The beneficiary: China Dredging Association
The payee account number: 862980048210001
- Contact: Li Mengchao
The telephone and fax: 010-64159215
Remittance - please specify "twenty session" and your contact name, phone. The Secretariat of the association upon receipt of the application fee is remitted to the Secretariat of the general assembly and the expensive unit registered business invoice.
3, the charges involved only by China Dredging Association to attend the fair payment of registration fee. Other expenses in the A model group (such as overseas air tickets, accommodation, inspection fees) will notice.
Click to download:
  Annex 1-- to participate in the twentieth world Dredging Congress (A group)
  Annex 2-- to participate in the twentieth world Dredging Congress (B group)
  Annex 3-- twentieth world Dredging Congress exhibition registration form

(release date: 2013-01-10)

  About twentieth papers call for world Dredging Congress (the sparse Xie Zi No. [2012]04)

Each member of the unit:
By the World Federation of Dredging Association Central Dredging Association (CEDA) hosted the twentieth session of the General Assembly will be held in Belgium world dredging Plaza Brussels Convention Center on June 3, 2013 to June 7th.
According to the Convention, the meeting by the report and exhibition and technical investigation of three parts. The theme of the conference is "dredging skills". About 120 papers submitted to the meeting, the discussion focuses on the dredging method, equipment, technology, pollution and sediment treatment, deep-sea mining, environment, law, management, economy and other aspects. The details of the first notice of the meeting and see Annex CEDA website http://www.dredging.org/.
In order to strengthen international exchanges, expand China dredging industry influence, should actively request organizers of the invitation and members of the association, through study groups to participate in will be held in Belgium in June next year, the twentieth world dredging conference and exhibition, unified for approval, registration, payment, visa and all other formalities.
     According to the arrangement of the NPC, hereby issued a notice of solicitation to participate in this session of world dredging conference papers. Specific requirements are as follows:
1, the paper must be original, and not published. Do not accept pure advertising products, advertising articles.
2, General Assembly Technology Review Committee has the right to decide whether the papers submitted for admission and communication is meeting or poster. The author must be granted to all copyright accepted articles to the world dredging congress.
3, the scope of annex.
4, the first to submit abstract words, within 300, and English typing, with a floppy disk or E-mail form before September 1, 2012 submitted to the China Dredging Association (Association letter䣺world.chida@yahoo.com.cn Song Shuang;; contact: Tel: 010-64174498 Fax: 010-64159215).
5 important dates, and several related papers submitted to the feedback:
(1) in this paper, English submitted in 2012 09 month 01 days ago
(2) 05 days after the December 2012 notice of admission results and forms of communication
(3) in this paper, the English submitted in 2013 01 months 15 days ago
(4) the feedback review comments in 2013 03 months 20 days after
(5) to submit papers in English, finalized in 2013 04 months 01 days ago

     Click to download:
      The first notification

(release date: 2012-03-23)

  The central Dredging Association will host the twentieth world Dredging Congress in Brussels

     This is the first time the next world Dredging Congress meeting notice. With "dredging techniques" as the theme of the twentieth session of the World Conference on dredging on June 3, 2013 - 7 in Belgium held in Brussels. World Dredging Congress (WODCONs) held once every three years, one of the three regional Association sponsored by the World Federation of dredging association. The first meeting was held in 1967, nearly half a century ago, since the world held a series of meetings has become the most eye-catching highlight of the dredging industry. In 2013, will once again turn the central Dredging Association conference, an important city in central Dredging Association in Europe - Brussels selected to host the event.

     "The central Dredging Association has been in the world with the characteristics of Dredging Congress for shipping site" said central Dredging Association general manager Anna Csiti. A strong maritime tradition, exchange of knowledge and concern in dredging and abundant information of technical investigation has many opportunities, these are the central Dredging Association Board decided to convene the twentieth session of the General Assembly the main reason of dredging in belgium.

     As a representative of central Belgium Dredging Association members, I am confident to tell you, "on behalf of the twentieth world Dredging Congress can not only gain knowledge, broaden their horizons, but also in Brussels had a very good time. "World Dredging Congress Committee of the twentieth session of the organization, chairman, central Dredging Association Belgium Flanders government Freddy Aerts said mr.. "Our venue Square Conference Center, is located in the center of Brussels, rich artistic atmosphere, the surrounding are filled with ancient masterpieces of the museum. But in the conference center, we will discuss is another type of Art - dredging -- this is a skill to create new ports, new land and new green leisure area art ", Mr Aerts continued.

     According to the Convention, the twentieth international dredging technology conference will be the keynote speech, including experts from around the world about 120 peer technical papers report. A dredging conference exhibition, provide an excellent opportunity for the company's products and services to choose to display at the same time, bringing together experts and decision makers from around the world. Here, the delegates will have a lot of opportunities in a relaxed, pleasant social atmosphere, enjoy the famous Belgian cuisine as well as their hospitality. A short trip will make the meeting more successful meeting!

(release date: 2011-12-09)