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Consolidate the consensus of innovation, develop ecological dredging, and work together to pursue the goal of dredging sustainable development - discuss with the Secretary-General of Qian Xianguo about the harvest of the 22nd World Dredging Conference (2)

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The 22nd World Dredging Conference revolves around the theme of “more dredging and ecological harmony”, bringing together the vision, wisdom and ambition of all parties in the world of dredging, especially representatives of the conference. After repeated discussions and consultations, and led by the World Dredging Association At the meeting of the People's Congress, at the General Assembly on April 25, the new president of the World Federation of Dredging Associations, Pulitzer Rabray, and the Secretary-General of the Chinese Dredging Association, Qian Xianguo, jointly released the 22nd World Dredging Conference - Promoting Dredging and Sustainability The Development of Shanghai Consensus (hereinafter referred to as the "Shanghai Consensus") has become the highlight and important achievement of the 22nd World Dredging Conference. How to better understand and grasp this "Shanghai Consensus"? How to give full play to the guidance and incentive effect of the "Shanghai Consensus" on the whole industry? On these issues, the reporter once again interviewed Secretary-General Qian Xianuo.

Qian Xianguo, Secretary General of China Dredging Association, spoke at the WODA High Level Meeting

The 22nd World Dredging Conference

Reporter: Why did the 22nd World Dredging Conference form the "Shanghai Consensus"? In what context did this consensus arise?

Secretary-General Qian: The Shanghai Consensus is an in-depth reflection of the development direction, goals and processes of all future members of the World Dredging Association. It is a common understanding of the world's dredging industry's mission to the progress of human society in the new era. It is a global dredging. The basic expression of the spirit of destiny pursuit of sustainable development. The World Dredging Conference is held every three years. This year's conference is the summit of the World Dredging Family after the 19th World Dredging Conference held in Beijing in 2010. This conference is again in the summit of the World Dredging Family. The critical period for the transformation and upgrading of the dredging industry is held, and it has an important mission of distinguishing the general trend, building consensus, and leading development. Therefore, through the conference, a consensus document is formed, which will undoubtedly have important guidance and promotion for the healthy development of the global dredging industry in the future period. significance.

The "Shanghai Consensus" is the result of the global dredging industry responding to severe challenges and calling for innovation and development. To sum up, the emergence of the "Shanghai Consensus" is mainly due to four dynamics. First, the international dredging industry should actively respond to the requirements of the UN 2030 sustainable development agenda and goals. As everyone knows, in order to realize the common vision of human society development, the United Nations decided to officially launch the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development on January 1, 2016, which includes three social, economic and environmental challenges that must be achieved in order to achieve sustainable development. Level. The dredging industry is an important force in infrastructure construction covered by these three levels of service. Naturally, we must actively respond and make efforts to this end. Not only that, the scope of sustainable development also includes the dredging industry itself, and the dredging industry must also maintain synergy with sustainable development in order to move smoothly into the future. Second, the international dredging industry needs to actively promote its own transformation and upgrading requirements. The dredging industry's production capacity or service capacity does not depend on market demand. Today, the global economic, social and environmental development pattern has undergone profound changes, especially the factors such as climate change, ecological environment deterioration, excessive resource development and consumption, which have seriously restricted further development. It also poses a hazard to the quality of life of the people. In recent years, the investment in China's port waterway construction market has slowed down. The state has strictly prohibited the use of reclamation projects. Rivers and lakes have also been strictly restricted. These measures to promote ecological civilization have forced traditional dredging production and management to be adjusted and transformed. It is inevitable that the dredging industry will accelerate its entry into the green development and high-quality development stage. Under such an environmental background, it is necessary to deepen our understanding to urge us to actively adjust and change. Third, the dredging industry has accelerated the need to adapt to the construction of water environment ecosystems and emerging markets in the new era. "Together with great protection and no major development", the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping fully reveal the fundamental requirements for the modernization of the harmonious coexistence between man and nature in the new era. The general strategy of constructing “green mountains and green waters” has spawned a series of large-scale market new demands such as water environment ecological restoration and blue bay and ecological ocean. As an innate industry, it is undoubtedly an industry that deals with water and soil. Grasping opportunities, gathering strength, accelerating innovative technology systems, and realizing the innovation and upgrading of the format in the process of exerting unique functions and functions for the construction of global ecological civilization. The fourth is to meet the requirements of the global development and development beliefs and strengths of dredging industry. The World Association of Dredging Associations consists of three regional associations in the eastern, central and western regions. It is a collection of major members of the global dredging industry, industry, research and research. However, due to various reasons such as market development, system composition, technical level and cultural background, the World Dredging Organization There are some differences in the understanding, and the level of cooperation is limited, which affects the overall exertion of the international dredging industry. This requires more work in basic concepts and understanding, and the use of the opportunity of the 22nd World Dredging Conference to introduce the "Shanghai Consensus" is of positive significance for promoting the coordination of the whole industry association and enhancing communication and cooperation.

WODA High Level Meeting

WODA/EADA Chairman Patman hosts the WODA High Level Meeting

Wang Haihuai, chairman of the association, and Zhou Jingbo, executive vice president of the association, attended the WODA high-level meeting.

Reporter: Please tell us about the process of the Shanghai Consensus.

Secretary-General Qian: We are planning the 22nd World Dredging Conference. The comrades of the Preparatory Committee believe that it is necessary to propose and form a "Shanghai Consensus" as an important achievement of this World Dredging Conference to promote the whole industry. Put into the future action. Therefore, we incorporated this motion into the overall plan of the General Assembly and perfected the motion at the first preparatory work meeting held by the Shanghai Customs and Shipping Administration on January 8, 2018. Subsequently, the Chinese Dredging Association discussed this with the relevant leaders of the World Dredging Association. When the Chinese dredging delegation visited the Central Dredging Association of the World Dredging Association in April 2018, a special communication meeting was held on the basic agenda of the 22nd World Dredging Conference and the topic of forming a "Shanghai Consensus", and a positive response was received. In October 2018, at the meeting of the leaders of the World Dredging Association to inspect the preparations for the 22nd World Dredging Conference, the Chinese Dredging Association officially proposed a plan for the formation of the "Shanghai Consensus" and proposed by the Chairman of the Central Dredging Association of the World Dredging Association, Rabo Mr. Rui took the lead in organizing the relevant experts of the Central and Western Associations to discuss the consensus content. After the meeting, the China Dredging Association made a roadmap for the topic and consensus of the 22nd World Dredging Conference-Shanghai Consensus for Promoting Dredging and Sustainable Development. Since then, President Labri has drafted a preliminary framework. The Secretariat of the Chinese Dredging Association has made a substantial enlargement and revision on the basis of this, formed a discussion draft of the Shanghai Consensus, and organized all members of the Technical Committee of the Chinese Dredging Association to solicit. Comments and review. In March 2019, the Central Dredging Association of the World Dredging Association also convened a board of directors to discuss and examine the discussion papers of the Shanghai Consensus. In general, it supported the discussion paper of the Shanghai Consensus and put forward opinions on retouching the statements. On the afternoon of April 21, 2019, at the meeting of the Chairman of the World Dredging Association held at the Shanghai-based Home Affairs Center of the Shanghai Customs and Excise Department, the discussion paper on the "Shanghai Consensus" was discussed. On the evening, several responsible persons conducted a paragraph-by-word discussion on the "Shanghai Consensus" discussion paper. At the discretion, a text that tends to be consistent is finally formed. On the afternoon of April 22, it was formally submitted to the World Dredging Association Leaders Meeting for review and approval. At the April 25th meeting, the leaders of the World Dredging Association jointly signed the text of the Shanghai Consensus, marking the official entry into force of the Shanghai Consensus.

Signing Ceremony of the "Shanghai Consensus" at the 22nd World Dredging Conference

Reporter: Your introduction shows that the process of the Shanghai Consensus is still very cautious. So how do you understand the essence of this consensus?

Secretary-General Qian: Fundamentally speaking, the core content of the Shanghai Consensus is the pursuit of sustainable development. It should be said that the "Shanghai Consensus" has contributed to the future development of the world's dredging industry. There are many new ideas in the expression of the "Shanghai Consensus". Among them, in the framework of the World Dredging Association, there are mainly three "firsts" that are very meaningful. First, for the first time, the concept of “sustainable dredging” was clearly proposed to the whole industry. The concept of this concept is beyond the definition of the original dredging and its technical system, and it is the new concept of dredging at the level of innovation and development. The expression of the international dredging community is meant to express that in the process of contributing to the sustainable development of human society, the dredging industry needs to unite and inclusive the common forces of the government, the people and a wider range of stakeholders to create more The first is to emphasize the “diversified vision of building a harmonious world of harmony between man and nature is a common vision for the development of a harmonious community”, indicating the need for dredging It is more "respecting nature, adapting to nature, protecting the ecosystem in which people and nature live in harmony", and "actively promoting the green development of the dredging industry and building an efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly infrastructure."
 "I have summarized the key points of the "Shanghai Consensus" in the "Shanghai Consensus" section of the conference by using six key words: the challenges: demand, position, principle, innovation, cooperation."

Secretary-General Qian Xianguo introduced the essence of "Shanghai Consensus" at the closing ceremony of the conference

The “challenge” is to clearly understand the severe challenges that the dredging industry faces in adapting to its ability to adapt, innovate and serve in the face of global environmental changes, changes in development stages, and changes in market demand. The sustainable development of dredging industry is established. There is no other way to do this on the premise and foundation of “achieving a better and sustainable future for all mankind”.
"Demand" is to grasp the "United Nations Paris Climate Change Agreement" and "United Nations Sustainable Development Goals", grasp the total demand of "protecting the ecosystem of people and nature in harmony", and grasp the basic requirements for realizing the "green development of dredging industry" .
The "position" is to clearly express the important mission of the dredging industry to be brave enough to promote sustainable development. “The international dredging community should be fully committed to global sustainable development and play an extremely important role”. Thus, “will positively and encourage all positive measures related to it, and pursue sustainable goals in the overall development of the industry, including planning and design and engineering.”

The “principle” is based on the definition and positioning of sustainable dredging. In the whole process of “building an efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly infrastructure”, we should strive to implement the principle of “co-construction with nature” and “resource efficiency”. Six principles, such as principles, “circular design” principles, “adding value” principles, “flexible design” principles and “social design” principles, will help the international dredging community to optimize the coordinated development of the economy, society and the environment. High quality service.
"Innovation" emphasizes the need to "gather the kinetic energy of the new technological revolution, accelerate the innovation and progress of the dredging industry", and clarify that in the new era of accelerating the development of the new round of science and technology and industrial revolution, we must "take full use of advanced technologies such as big data and the Internet of Things. Better respect for nature and grasp the innovation of dredging technology and engineering models."
"Cooperation" is to highlight the importance and necessity of the cooperation and win-win situation of the international dredging community. It is necessary to "strengthen communication, mutual trust and cooperation in the international dredging community" to ensure "achieve sustainable development."
Reporter: Listening to your interpretation, I also have a deep understanding. Although the text of "Shanghai Consensus" is concise, it is rich in content and very clear. Please briefly explain the significance of the Shanghai Consensus.
Secretary-General Qian: To put it briefly, I think the significance of the "Shanghai Consensus" is mainly reflected in the following three aspects. The first is to deepen the significance of important understanding; the second is to lead the significance of innovation and development; the third is to promote the significance of self-building.

"Deepening important understanding" is the prerequisite for the dredging industry to break the bottleneck of development. In the face of the traditional dredging market downturn, the requirements of dredging engineering environmental standards, and the unsatisfactory operation status of some dredging enterprises, confused understanding, old-fashioned understanding, and limited understanding of the role of dredging industry will not be conducive to dredging industry. Dredging enterprises will get out of the dilemma and develop again. The industrial positioning of the dredging industry? Dredging should have a status and role in the construction of ecosystems in the new era? Dredging the new layout of the industrial chain based on superiority? The definition and capacity building of sustainable dredging and ecological dredging? Wait, these important issues concerning the development of the dredging industry are not clear enough to clarify the strategy, increase investment, and strengthen the system. The "Shanghai Consensus" clarifies the close relationship between the sustainable development of the general environment, the total demand and the sustainable development of the dredging industry, and requires the dredging industry to examine and establish its own development ideas, guidelines and paths based on the sustainable development goals. The industry must realize that we are in a period of major change. We must go to high, deep, long-term, and systematically to consider the transition of dredging industries and dredging enterprises. Although such a transformation is not difficult, there may be some setbacks, but not The transformation will not have the initiative to adapt to future market development.
"Leading innovation and development" is the main theme and strength of the "Shanghai Consensus." Due to the limited space and the wider recognition of the international dredging community, the Shanghai Consensus has not fully expressed the key factors affecting the development of the industry. But the basic spirit of encouraging and promoting innovation and development has been highlighted. In particular, the beliefs and goals of “sustainable dredging to make the world a better place” refined in the text should be said to be rich in meaning, and it is clear that we are committed to creating a major task of sustainable dredging, which undoubtedly depends on comprehensive, Systematic innovation is achieved; it also defines the fundamental drivers and standards for developing sustainable dredging from the highest demands of building a better world. Aiming at this development orientation will certainly have a positive effect on the traction and promotion of the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry.
"Promoting self-construction" is the foothold and focus of the development of the world's dredging industry. Providing suitable service capabilities and solutions for a better world will inevitably require dredging ecosystems to strengthen construction, including re-engineering innovative industrial chains that are adapted to the construction of water-based ecosystems, including strengthening cooperation between domestic and foreign dredging projects and marine engineering knowledge and technology systems. Development also includes strengthening the organization and driving force of the World Dredging Association. By aggregating consensus and enhancing communication, it will help promote close coordination between domestic and foreign dredging industries. During the conference, many research institutions and companies that dredged internationally expressed their willingness to cooperate and co-construct, reflecting the consistent position of the international dredging community in promoting overall development.

To be continued...