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China Dredging Association was founded in November 23, 2001. The full name of CHINA English DREDGING ASSOCIATION, abbreviated as CHIDA. This association is a national, industrial and non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by enterprises and institutions in China's dredging industry and related industries. The association is committed to innovation and development, to safeguard national Chinese dredging industry, industry and the legitimate rights and interests of members, to promote the development and progress of dredging technology, management, communication, and promote world contact and cooperation with other international organizations and industry, to promote the healthy growth and sustainable development of Chinese dredging industry.

The association is subject to the guidance and supervision of the competent departments of the state government.

China Dredging Association joined the World Organization of Dredging Associations in August 2002 and became a member of the eastern Dredging Association. The chairman of China Dredging Association was elected vice chairman of the eastern dredging association. For a long time, China Dredging Association has established extensive and friendly contacts with international counterparts, launched sincere cooperation, and promoted the development and progress of China's dredging industry and the world dredging industry. In 2010, the nineteenth world Dredging Congress was held successfully in Beijing, and the four China International Dredging Technology Development Conference was held. Will host the 2019 twenty-second world dredging congress.

China Dredging Association follows the purpose of serving the government, service industry and serving the society, and actively participates in the study of the development strategy of the industry, providing support for the government in formulating industrial planning, industrial policy and legislative work. Actively organize seminars and research, standards and standards of the industry group. Actively carry out technical exchanges with international counterparts, and promote international research and development cooperation, such as ecological dredging technology, water environment ecological governance and protection technology, green intelligent dredging equipment technology, ocean mining technology, etc..

The new period for green development, the new technological revolution and internationalization, China Dredging Association efforts to deepen the reform of institutional mechanisms, focus on innovation for government, industry and society, membership service, and strive to play the association of strategic decision-making platform, communication and cooperation platform, norm Guan Liping Taiwan, talent development platform, technology innovation platform, brand building platform function and efforts to improve industry innovation ability, cooperative ability and core competition ability, unique advantages of ecological dredging industry for the construction of ecological civilization and the world Chinese.

Chinese Dredging Association is determined to have the spirit of innovation and dedication, professional ability of outstanding Chinese and foreign enterprises, institutions and organizations in the development of the dredging industry gathered together, with shared family, are excellent leaders, industry experts and professionals to play creative talent, and constantly create a large platform of world attention performance.

The Committee of experts, technology under the China Dredging Association industry experts base and 7 Specialized Committee, namely: Waterway dredging and reclamation, water environment management and protection, water conservancy, dredging, dredging group standard equipment, comprehensive utilization of resources, mud information Specialized Committee.

Dredging creates new ecology.