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Consolidate the consensus of innovation, develop ecological dredging, and work together to pursue the goal of dredging sustainable development - discuss with the Secretary-General Qian Xianguo about the harvest of the 22nd World Dredging Conference (3)

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The 22nd World Dredging Conference is a new starting point for advancing the process of sustainable development of the dredging industry. The conference left a deep impression on the participants from the scale, the arrangement of activities to the new ideas and new ideas put forward. In particular, at the main forum of the “Drug and Ecology Harmony”, the concept of “ecological dredging” proposed by Wang Haihuai, chairman of the China Dredging Association, and the elaboration of “developing an ecological dredging system” are eye-catching.
How to understand "ecological dredging"? What is the significance of accelerating the construction of ecological dredging system to the innovation, revitalization and development of China's dredging industry? On this issue, the reporter revisited the Secretary-General of Qian Xianguo and asked him to talk about feelings and understanding.

Secretary-General of China Dredging Association Qian Xianguo

Once in the main leadership position of China's centennial national dredging enterprise - CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd., Secretary Qian Xianguo has a lot of feelings about the dredging industry, and the belief in development is not diminished.

Secretary-General Qian said that the dredging industry is a basic industry that has always played a specific role along with the development and evolution of human society. Since the advent of the industry, dredging has always been closely related to the integration of water and soil, and the cause of mankind to build habitats and build homes. With the development of global industrialization and economic integration, in the decades of convergence of the century, the field of dredging services to serve the society has been widened and extended, mainly as a common way to build modern port channels, to fill land for the development of port industries. , cross-sea transportation infrastructure and artificial islands to improve shipping and prevention of flooding. However, due to the over-construction and development problems in the industrialization process of human society, the water environment ecology of the rivers and lakes has gradually deteriorated. In recent years, under the constraints of multiple management policies that protect the natural ecology, the demand for dredging traditional markets has declined, and the development of dredging industry has encountered “ceiling”. Due to the significant changes in the connotation of market demand, multiple factors inside and outside are influencing and prompting the dredging industry to open another major transformation in its development history.

At the current conference, Chairman Wang Haihuai first mentioned the concept of “ecological dredging” at the main forum of “routification and ecological harmony”. Secretary Qian believes that this is a forward-looking and innovative new concept and new orientation. At present, the dredging industry has encountered some difficulties. From the external environment, the first is that the global economic downturn involves the dredging industry; the second is that the traditional supply and demand of such dredging, such as port waterway and landfill, is further imbalanced, and the production capacity of such markets has been In the process of coordinating the contradiction between the global natural ecological environment and human social economic development, the market demand for water environment ecological restoration is prosperous, but the concept of comprehensive remediation is highly demanded at the technical level; fourth, information technology and labor Intelligent and rapid development, it has a disruptive effect on the solution of dredging engineering.

Chairman Wang Haihuai attended the main forum of “more dredging and ecological harmony”

Faced with these situations, some dredging enterprises are not very adaptable to the cyclical and structural adjustment of the dredging industry. Compared with the requirements of sustainable development, both the development concept and the existing technology and equipment support system have shown limitations.
Secretary-General Qian believes that at present, the dredging industry needs a profound transformation. The main line of this transformation is to follow the guiding principle of "building a modernization of harmonious coexistence between man and nature" and accelerate the transition to an ecological industry and a green development mode, especially Establish an ecological dredging system to meet the fundamental requirements of sustainable development.

Secretary-General Qian Xianguo thanked Hou Xiaoming, Chairman of CCCC Shanghai Dredging Co., Ltd.

Secretary-General Qian reiterated that building ecological dredging is a new and big issue. It is necessary to dredge the leaders, experts and scholars of the industry and the employees to study and discuss, make scientific definitions, and sort out the system structure. However, it must be said that the “upgraded” version of dredging development is a general trend. It is early to take the initiative, because in the future development stage, it must be “the ecological development is industrial, the ecological decline is industrial decline”, and it conforms, adapts and integrates into the overall system of ecological civilization construction. The industry can only grow and act as a space. Otherwise, whether it is market standards or whether new technologies are supported, it may be restricted or eliminated due to the inability of the industry to adapt. Therefore, it is certainly promising to move forward in the direction of ecological dredging or “ecological dredging”.

From the basic principle, compared with the traditional dredging, ecological dredging has many new connotations. Qian Secretary believes that there are several key elements that are prominent: First, in the law of development, the growth of dredging industry should be made. The law is more in line with the requirements of natural laws, and strives to grasp the rules, follow the trend, and respond to the needs; second, in terms of service methods, we should more consciously and better grasp the co-ordination of economic, social and natural ecological effects. Sexuality, balance and coordination, implementation of “co-construction with nature”, rather than balancing the interests of enterprises with the sustainability of the natural environment; third, in the industrial structure, we should grasp the ecological attributes of dredging and pay attention to the restoration of its ecosystem. With the positive role of construction, dredging has become an indispensable organic component in the macro-system of ecological civilization construction. Fourth, in the technical system, efforts should be made to develop low-disturbance, low-consumption, systematic, intelligent and high-quality technical process plans. The focus of R&D should be to gradually build a technological ecosystem that meets the requirements of green production methods.

Shanghai Qingcaosha Reservoir Data Map

It seems that ecological dredging is the new coordinate for the development of dredging industry. Then, what practical significance does the construction of ecological dredging have on the transformation and upgrading of China's dredging industry?
Secretary-General Qian said that the dredging industry is an industry involving economic, social and natural ecological infrastructure construction. It should be said that it should be able to play its functions for a long time. The key is whether the dredging industry can keep up with the pace of the new development stage. Otherwise, Existing companies or capabilities may also be replaced by new forces. At present, the establishment of the guiding standard for ecological dredging has a positive effect on the dredging enterprises and the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry in China, mainly reflected in these aspects:

The first is traction. The driving factors of dredging industry are mainly affected by the market. The ecological dredging system is established based on the laws and development requirements of natural ecosystems. Under the condition that sustainable development takes the natural environment as the core goal, the ecological dredging system is oriented and guided. The dredging enterprises consciously position the dredging industry as an ecological industry, and use the water and environment ecological construction such as the rivers and lakes reservoir as a large market for the service of dredging industry, and use the unique technology and functions of dredging to provide a multi-functional, intensive and efficient solution. This will foster new core capabilities that will meet the needs of higher levels.

Bohai Ecological Environment Comprehensive Treatment Project Data Map

The second is the benchmarking effect. The basic feature of sustainable dredging is “ecologicalization”. In other words, “not ecological is not sustainable”. Therefore, establishing ecological dredging allows us to identify the ideas, methods, designs, and practices of the current dredging project based on the objective requirements of the ecosystem. Limitations or shortcomings in construction technology, equipment systems, and standards, which show gaps, and then optimize and adjust, especially to establish an ecological dredging technology and standard system. This will help the dredging industry to be more targeted. Achieve innovation and progress more efficiently.

West Lake Ecological Environment Comprehensive Treatment Project

The third is the integration of the role. The dredging industry serves the coordinated development of economy, society and people's livelihood. Its function is not limited to “dug dredging”. From the perspective of macroeconomic system structure, it has never limited the field of dredging industry. Many cases at home and abroad, such as Mark Wadden in the Netherlands The lake water ecological restoration project and the Yongding River Basin comprehensive treatment project have verified the necessity and feasibility of the implementation of the dredging project to expand the multi-faceted and long-term effectiveness of the dredging project. The problem now is that the traditional dredging business area is relatively limited. The relationship between the dredging main business unit and its related industries is not enough, the contact or cooperation is not close enough, and the future-oriented sustainable dredging business especially needs the technical innovation system that is compatible with the comprehensive solution. Support, for example, to better repair lake water ecology requires the integration of physical, chemical, biological, and natural measures to implement together. It also requires all aspects of society to participate and cooperate. That is to say, the organizers of the future dredging project should have an open mind and pay attention to the development of the "international dredging community" and the collaborative innovation industry chain. To develop ecological dredging, the first is to establish the concept of ecosystems. The new ecosystems to be dredged need to be integrated with multidisciplinary and multi-industry development. Moreover, this task is rigid and urgent.

Award Presentation Ceremony of the Excellent Paper of the 22nd World Dredging Conference

Secretary-General Qian said that the development of ecological dredging can be said to be a major change in the dredging industry. It is necessary to deepen understanding and require the backbone enterprises and institutions in the industry to increase investment and advance together. At present, it is necessary to break through the concept and organize the power to deepen the research. I hope that the Chinese dredging industry will seize the opportunity and take the lead in building a tree.