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Vice Chairman of the Association, Li Haijun of Jiangsu Juxin Petroleum Pipe Co., Ltd.: Developing ecological dredging and exploring green development prospects

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With the successful conclusion of the 22nd World Dredging Conference, the concept of “ecological dredging” conveyed by the conference is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The convening of this important summit during the critical period of the transformation and upgrading of the dredging industry will undoubtedly have a positive and far-reaching impact on the sustainable development of the future industry.
With the theme of “routification and ecological harmony”, this conference will deeply explore the major issues of how the traditional dredging industry is correcting its relationship with the ecosystem. During the meeting, the reporter interviewed Li Haijun, the vice chairman of the association and the general manager of Jiangsu Juxin Petroleum Pipe Co., Ltd., and asked him to talk about the ecological dredging concept and future industry development delivered by the conference.

Vice Chairman of the Association, General Manager of Jiangsu Juxin Petroleum Pipe Co., Ltd. Li Haijun

Jiangsu Juxin participated in the World Dredging Conference as a close support unit. Vice President Li Haijun also participated in the conference. He expressed his significance to the reporter on the important significance of the theme of “dissemination and ecological harmony” established by the conference. the opinion of.

Jiangsu Juxin participated in the World Dredging Conference as a close support unit. The picture shows the 22nd World Dredging Conference Supporting Unit Certificate Presentation Ceremony

Li Haijun said that at present, the global economic and political order is constantly re-constructing, and human beings have become more and more aware of the relationship between their activities and nature. In the past, people talked about how to transform nature and conquer nature. One-sided understanding of people can conquer nature, easy to fall into the misunderstanding of violation of the laws of nature. In the past decade or more, economic development has been fast, but it has also paid the price of harming the natural environment. In the past, the dredging industry has built many large projects in port waterways and transportation infrastructure, which have improved shipping and other conditions. However, it seems that more attention needs to be paid to maintaining the natural environment. Otherwise, the dredging industry will not continue to develop, including the reduction of reclamation projects in recent years, indicating that the state pays more attention to coordinated development in economic construction and environmental protection. The dredging industry must be transformed along the national development strategy, especially in the direction of “harmony with ecology”, from the traditional extensive development to the direction of “green dredging, environmental dredging, sustainable dredging, intelligent dredging” . The theme of “more dredging and ecological harmony” established by the World Dredging Conference is very meaningful, especially on the road of sustainable development and healthy development, which points the direction for the transformation of the dredging industry.
“I realized that the role of the dredging industry is not only to fill land and land, but also to have a good impact on the environmental and ecological protection of the whole process before and after the project, including the current environmental protection of rivers, lakes and seas. It also includes the reuse of mud resources from sludge generated after dredging and dredging, which are in line with the requirements of a good ecological environment in the future, and certainly contribute to the redevelopment of the dredging industry. Therefore, the success of this conference is very good. Established a close relationship between the theme of 'dredging and ecological harmony'."

This conference innovatively proposes the concept of “ecological dredging”, from the traditional format to the green format, what kind of impact will the whole industry, including Jiangsu Juxin?
In this regard, Li Haijun said that the development of ecological dredging is a very new concept. "I think that from the perspective of dredging industry, it is a very good goal for us, Juxin Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.. Our company is also entering the dredging industry. In the future, the space for further development will be obtained. Moreover, in the two years of continuous innovation in the industry, Juxin has a good growth, so my experience is very deep. The company is called Jiangsu Juxin Petroleum Steel Pipe. Co., Ltd., in the financial crisis broke out in 2008, in the downturn of the oil industry, we began to contact the dredging industry. Through the deep understanding of the dredging industry, the company's business direction has gradually shifted from oil pipelines to dredging pipelines, and constantly Dredging related industry chain extension. In the five years from 2013 to 2018, Juxin supplied 50 kilometers of pipelines for overseas dredging companies such as Boskalis and Van Oord. It was also the CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd., the CCCC Shanghai Dredging Co., Ltd., etc. The domestic well-known dredging backbone enterprise supply pipeline is 140 kilometers. Juxin company also participated in the dredging project. Dredging related offshore engineering, we follow the national “Belt and Road” initiative, participate in the Maldives Sino-Malaysia Friendship Bridge project, the Croatian Pelješac Bridge project, etc.; we follow the national “13th Five-Year” new energy plan and participate in Datang Coastal offshore wind power project, Three Gorges Dafeng offshore wind power project, Sanchuan Shicheng offshore wind power project, etc.; also participated in the construction of national key projects - Shenzhong Passage, Pingtan Rail-rail Bridge, etc. In the process of continuous development, Juxin Company We have improved the management system and established seven business divisions, including the dredging pipeline business unit, the urban pipe network business unit, the bridge terminal business unit, the offshore wind power business unit, the high-speed rail subway business unit, the steel construction business unit, and the overseas business unit. It is to follow the dredging industry and better serve the industry development and engineering projects. Therefore, the growth of Juxin Company is closely related to the development of the dredging industry. The development of Juxin Company cannot be separated from the traction and support of the dredging industry."

Croatia Pelešac Bridge project data map

Li Haijun said that now, the whole industry is aiming at the development of ecological dredging and starting a new process. This means that the dredging industry must adhere to the principle of ecological priority and increase the drive for innovation. The dredging industry should move from traditional extensive development to sustainable and green. The change of the direction of environmental protection means that dredging enterprises should break the original limitations and consider the dredging industry in the direction of high, deep, long-term and systematic. It is understood. Juxin Company has exchanged and cooperated with Tongji University, Hohai University, Tsinghua University and other institutions to establish an industry-university research base to enhance high-quality service capabilities. “The dredging industry develops ecological dredging, strengthens us and intensifies scientific research and innovation, improves product quality, minimizes energy consumption and improves production efficiency. We will keep pace with the industry and be active with smart, environmentally friendly and sustainable products and services. Cooperate with the general contractor to provide more supporting services for more high-quality engineering projects around the world."
As one of the industries of the equipment support system for dredging industry, Juxin Company is actively participating in and supporting the green development of the dredging industry.

Li Haijun said that Juxin Company should first strengthen cooperation with universities and strengthen innovation in product lines. Second, it is necessary to further strengthen communication with the association and its member units. "In recent years, through this large platform of the Association, we have deeply understood the development trend of the industry, clarified the service direction and its own business philosophy, and cooperated with the general contractor in a more proactive manner." The third is to strengthen the synergy with related industries. Complementing the advantages of all parties, integrating pile-based equipment, logistics and transportation resources, forming an industrial chain that supports the system, and better serving the general contractor.
“Not long ago, we had the opportunity to participate in the Croatian project. This is how we formed a combination of advantages and completed this project in Europe. The Peljesac Bridge project in Croatia is the largest transportation infrastructure construction since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Croatia. The project, 85% of the project cost is undertaken by the EU fund, and will be connected to the Croatian territory across the sea. Since the bridge has very important strategic significance, the China Road and Bridge Corporation is choosing piling equipment, materials and materials, logistics and transportation. At the time of supplier, the company has extremely strict requirements on the company's comprehensive strength and international market service experience. Juxin Company is very honored to participate in the production of steel pipe piles for the Croatian project."

After full investment, at 3:00 pm on December 27, 2018, the test piles bearing the "Juxin Steel Pipe" carried by China's "Zhenhua No. 7" semi-submersible ship were transported to the scene, January 10, 2019 and 12 Under the joint witness of the owner-Croatian Road Company, the supervision IGH, and the Slovenian SLP inspection pile company, the China Road and Bridge Joint Venture Project Department successfully entered two test piles, two test piles with a diameter of 2 meters and the longest pile. More than 130 meters, the maximum pile weight exceeds 250 tons, and the length of the test pile has created a new record of the length of the entire steel pipe pile in the world of bridge construction. It laid a good foundation for the follow-up work of the bridge and also verified the technical strength of Juxin Steel Tube Company.
"What makes us even more proud is that on April 11, 2019, Premier Li Keqiang, accompanied by Croatian Prime Minister Plenkovic, visited the Peljesac Bridge project. According to reports, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out at the scene that this is a friendship. Bridge, the bridge of people's livelihood, the bridge of cooperation." Li Haijun said, "With the joint efforts of China's road and bridge consortium and various suppliers, the last pile of the giant steel pipe pile in Croatia on May 9, 2019 Through this project, I would like to thank the Chinese road and bridge consortium for their trust and support, and also for the support of Shanghai Huneng, Zhongcheng International and Sinotrans. Through this project, we are more confident and capable of participating in more projects. At key projects at home and abroad, we must take the initiative to coordinate the enthusiasm of relevant enterprises and contribute to the sustainable development of the industry."

Premier Li Keqiang inspects the Pelešac Bridge Project

“Although the transformation of the industry and the transformation of enterprises need to go through the challenges, the dredging industry of green development must be a good prospect. I firmly believe this.” Li Haijun finally said, “This conference ended successfully. Juxin and myself are both A lot of inspiration and encouragement, under the leadership of the China Dredging Association, we will continue to provide quality services to our brothers and sisters at home and abroad, contribute to the world's dredging and will contribute to the development of China's dredging business and world dredging business. ""