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China Water Transport News: Dredging industry is facing the gorgeous "transformation" of comprehensive management of river basins

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On April 25th, the 22nd World Dredging Conference ended successfully in Shanghai. The conference focused on “more dredging and ecological harmony”, in-depth discussion of the deep connection between “dry dredging” and “ecology”, and exploring the sustainable development of the global dredging industry. .
During the meeting, many new ideas from the authoritative experts in the dredging industry left a deep impression on the participants. They answered the participants how the transformation and upgrading of the dredging industry, and how the relationship between the comprehensive management of the river basin and the dredging industry is important. In this issue of the "High Summit of the Summit" column, the reporters of China Water Transport News, Yang Lan and Huang Ling's special articles are selected to interpret the transformation and upgrading of the industry from the perspective of journalists and experts. I hope to bring reference and reference for everyone.

Sichuan Jinjiang River Basin Management Project

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China puts forward "accelerating the prevention and control of water pollution and implementing the comprehensive management of the river basin environment and coastal waters." In recent years, along with the rapid development of China's economy and society and the excessive exploitation and utilization of water resources, the ecological environment of most river basins is not optimistic. The restoration and governance of the river basin has become an important issue for the national economy and the people's livelihood.
The dredging industry has become an important part of waterland management, and an industry that serves human civilization and improves people's livelihood and well-being. How to make the dredging industry play a greater role in comprehensive river basin management has become a close concern of industry experts and scholars.
On the afternoon of April 23, 2019, the "2019 River Basin Comprehensive Management High-end Forum" with the theme of "ecological priority, green development" was held at the Shanghai International Convention Center. Through the interpretation and analysis of authoritative experts at home and abroad, the forum guides the industry to understand the status, role and transformation and upgrading requirements of the dredging industry in the process of sustainable economic and social development and in the process of comprehensive river basin management.

High-end forum for comprehensive management of river basins
A. Ecological priority Drive industry transformation and upgrading

The ecological upgrading of the dredging industry is in line with the transformation direction of the development needs of the times.
In the critical period of the transformation and upgrading of ecological civilization construction, General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the important scientific thesis that "green water and green mountains are Jinshan Yinshan". Since 2015, the "Water Pollution Prevention Action Plan", "13th Five-Year Plan for Watershed Comprehensive Management Construction", "Key Basin Water Pollution Prevention and Control Plan (2016-2020)", "Water Pollution Prevention Law" and other policies and regulations have been intensive The introduction of the river system and the lake system have been fully implemented, and the battle against pollution has been deepened. Under this circumstance, the basin is an important carrier for China's economic and social development. Its restoration and governance has become an important issue concerning the national economy and the people's livelihood. The focus of social and natural development is coordinated.

Peng Zengliang, secretary of the Party Committee ofCCCC Ecological Environmental Protection Investments Co.,LTD., described the transformation and upgrading with five “unprecedented”. He believes that since the 18th National Congress, China’s ecological civilization construction has a deeper level of ideological understanding; the unprecedented intensity of pollution control The frequency of system introduction is unprecedented; the scale of supervision and enforcement is unprecedented; the improvement of environmental quality is unprecedented.

The Institute of Eco-Environmental Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shan Baoqing, combined with his own years of research at the forum to advocate to the industry: "Integrated watershed management will be the main means of river water environment management in China in the future." As the backbone of integrated river basin management, the dredging industry must keep up with the pace of the times and create a green and sustainable development path.

Jiang Xia, deputy director of the Institute of Lakes of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, pointed out in the forum the transformation and upgrading trend of the dredging industry: "I don't think that the dredging industry is dredging. Now I use ecological methods and standards to judge whether to dig, How to dig, dig, and dig how to deal with it; and use ecological measures to treat and use dredged materials, so that the sediment becomes a resource..."

Wang Haihuai, vice president of China Communications Construction Company Limited and chairman of the China Dredging Association, highlighted the importance and timeliness of ecological dredging. He believes that the dredging industry needs a profound transformation. This transformation is to grasp the ecological nature of dredging and consciously follow The guiding principle of harmonious coexistence between man and nature changes from traditional format to green format, comprehensively constructs an ecological dredging technology system, and contributes wisdom and strength to building a better human home.

B. Collaborative governance to solve the problem of comprehensive rectification

From the practical experience of ecological dredging in integrated river basin management, collaborative governance is the main problem faced by integrated river basin management. It mainly has three aspects: technical coordination, departmental synergy and river segment synergy.
Technical synergy is to closely integrate dredging technology with environmental protection, and do not care about this. Jiang Xia, deputy director of the Institute of Lakes of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, said that it is necessary to accurately remove the heavily polluted sediment layers and create ecological restoration conditions for lakes. Moreover, the scale of environmental protection dredging should be matched and synchronized with the treatment, disposal and resource utilization of the subsequent sediment.
Jiang Xia and Dr. Chen Xiuhan from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands have emphasized the problem of “secondary pollution” in dredging operations: there are a lot of fine cosmids in rivers and lakes, and pollutants are concentrated on these fine particles. In the process of environmental dredging construction, it is very important to control and prevent the diffusion of fine particles. In the process of rotary dredging of the cutter head, it is necessary to use the special cutter head for environmental protection. This is a problem of dredging and environmental protection.
In terms of departmental synergy, the Yongding River Basin Comprehensive Management Project spanning the two provinces and two cities is the most representative. Du Guozhi, deputy general manager of Yongding River Basin Investment Co., Ltd. analyzed: “The Yongding River, including the comprehensive management of our country's watershed, especially ecological governance, is currently the most difficult problem, which is the coordination problem across administrative regions.”


Du Guozhi further stated that in order to solve the coordination problem of this department, they explored a new model of “integration of investment entities to promote the integration of integrated river basin management” – the establishment of the Yongding River Basin Provincial and Provincial Coordination Leading Group at the administrative level; The four provinces and municipalities have jointly funded the establishment of a river basin company to take charge of the ecological management of the entire basin, and to resolve contradictions and problems across provinces. "After more than a year of hard work," Du Guozhi said, "cross-regional coordination has begun to take effect."
Collaboration in the river section is a problem that will not be considered in the comprehensive management of river basins in the past. “The past remediation was usually a period of time, sometimes the downstream was rectified, but the upstream pollution source was not removed, which was equivalent to doing useless work.” The lecturer of the hall introduced the reporter. In this regard, Peng Zengliang concluded: "The main contradiction of river basin governance is that isolated, fragmented, and scattered local governance in the past cannot fundamentally solve the problem of watershed pollution, watershed, structural, composite, and long-term. ”
According to reports, the Lancang River is one of the most polluted tributaries in the Yangtze River Basin. The water environment problem is outstanding. In the past, the “fragmented” governance model was adopted for its governance, which did not catch up from the source, resulting in large investment, low efficiency and poor effect. And other issues. Nowadays, from the perspective of “holistic view, system view, watershed view and natural view”, CCCC has established the overall principle of “sewage, dredging and water storage” and the near, middle and long-term goals, and won the local Government recognition.
Liu Hongzhi, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Society of Environmental Sciences, also believes that ecological dredging should be balanced, overall, and multi-pronged, and that dredging should be considered in large-scale basins, lakes, seas, and regions. A systematic, holistic, and integrated approach is needed to solve the problem.

C. Multi-pronged measures

According to Patman, the rotating chairman of the World Dredging Association Federation and Chairman of the Eastern Dredging Association, China is very good at environmental restoration projects and pollution control projects.
Xu Changrong, president of CCCC Dredging (Group) Company Limited, said at the forum that  CCCC Dredging (Group) Company Limited actively responded to the call of “Two Mountains” and successfully landed large-scale comprehensive management of Yongding River Basin in Beijing, Tianjin and Jinjin, Chengdu Jinjiang, Minjiang River and Shanxi Weihe River. The river basin governance project has contributed to the construction of “Beautiful China”.
The reporter learned from the relevant departments of CCCC Dredging (Group) Company Limited that in the implementation of the Chengdu Jinjiang Greenway Project, through the planning and design, the CCCG has built the Tianfu Greenway of “One Axis, Two Mountains, Three Rings and Seven Roads” as the main skeleton through the entire city, and built a total of 16.9 million. Kilometers, covering 1920 km regional greenway, 5380 km urban greenway and 9630 km community greenway three-level greenway system, and supported by this, connecting the ecological zones, parks, small amusement parks and micro-green spaces in Chengdu, the whole Chengdu has become a huge “park”. At the same time, 100 forest protection and restoration work in western Sichuan was started along the greenway, and 400,000 mu of landscape agriculture was initially formed.

Chengdu Jinjiang Greenway Project

For the comprehensive management of the Yongding River Basin, Du Zhiguo confidently said at the media meeting: "In the system management of mountains, water, forests, fields, lakes and grasses, I think it is particularly obvious in the Yongding River Basin, we even He gave it the name 'Healing River Mountain'.” Du Guozhi further stated that although the Yongding River project is currently in its infancy, they have begun a long-term layout – combing its natural resources along the Yongding River and letting it After becoming a green hill, it has also become Jinshan Yinshan. In fact, it is to exert its ecological benefits and realize its ecological value.
Under the support of these successful practical experiences, we have reason to believe that the comprehensive management of river basins will become the new direction, new kinetic energy and new turning point of the transformation and upgrading of the dredging industry, and it can inject “green ecology” under the background of the ecological civilization construction. "The new gene, complete the gorgeous transformation of the dredging industry in the new era.