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Creating a new mechanism for river basin management--An interview with Du Guozhi, deputy general manager of Yongding River Basin Investment Co., Ltd.

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Yongding River, one of the important rivers of the “Six Rivers and Five Lakes” in the Haihe River Basin, is an important water conservation area, ecological barrier and ecological corridor in the Beijing-Tianjin-Jin-Jin area, and is the mother river of the capital Beijing. In December 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Water Resources and the State Forestry Administration issued the “Overall Plan for Comprehensive Management and Ecological Rehabilitation of Yongding River”, which required innovative watershed coordinated management mechanisms to establish the Provincial Coordination Leading Group of the Yongding River Comprehensive Management and Ecological Restoration Department. The research team established a river basin company.
At the 22nd World Dredging Conference, Du Guozhi, deputy general manager of Yongding River Basin Investment Co., Ltd. made a special report titled “Ecological Dredging and River and Lake Management”, introducing the Yongding River Basin Comprehensive Management Project to the global dredging industry and sharing China. Experience, Chinese wisdom. During the meeting, Du Guozhi was interviewed by reporters on issues related to the comprehensive management of the Yongding River Basin.

Du Guozhi, Deputy General Manager of Yongding River Basin Investment Co., Ltd.

The Yongding River Basin spans two provinces and two cities—Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, and Shanxi—and is the country's first cross-administrative watershed management project with a very large demonstration effect across the country. Du Guozhi said that the Yongding River is one of the seven major river basins in China, a very important river in the Haihe River Basin. Its importance is also reflected in the four major flood control rivers along the Yellow River, the Yangtze River and the Yellow River. It has always been the Haihe River Basin and Tianjin. The city's flood control focus and difficulties.

Yongding River Basin

As a large river basin flowing through the two provinces and two cities, the Yongding River Basin has a total of four governance objectives, namely, to build a “flowing river, a green river, a clean river, a safe river”. There will naturally be many in the process of governance. difficult. Du Guozhi said that the cross-region of the Yongding River Basin is characterized by its characteristics and the difficulty of governance. The coordination problem across administrative regions is magnified during governance. “In order to coordinate and solve the river governance problems across different administrative regions, in the process of governance in the Yongding River Basin, we have created a new mechanism to promote the green development of river basin governance from different levels, combining government functions and corporate functions.”
Du Guozhi said, "At the administrative level, four provinces and municipalities in the basin and relevant state ministries and commissions jointly established a provincial and provincial coordination leading group; at the market level, the four provinces and municipal people's governments jointly funded the establishment of a river basin company. Specifically, it is responsible for the ecological management of the entire basin. Therefore, in this way, and the change of governance model, try to solve the contradictions and problems between different provinces and provinces."

Representatives from four provinces and municipalities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, and Shanxi Province and representatives of China Communications Construction Group jointly signed the “Yuanding River Basin Investment Company Shareholders Agreement”

According to reports, after more than a year of preliminary practice, the results have already begun to appear. There are representatives of various provinces and cities in Yongding River Basin Investment Co., Ltd., and problems can be quickly resolved at various local levels. "Compared with the past, in the cross-provincial governance, perhaps each province and city will start from the interests of itself, there will be differences between the upstream and the downstream. The emergence of a common institution will undoubtedly benefit from the perspective of the basin as a whole, from the perspective of the whole basin. Solving the problem will promote the final result of river basin governance."
In addition to cross-regional coordination issues, there are other issues that need to be overcome.
Du Guozhi said that the current project is still at the beginning of the implementation process, and more problems are encountered. “What kind of river should the Yongding River be built? Different rivers may have different standards, different functional orientations, and different segmental needs. It is unified to implement the comprehensive management and ecological restoration of the entire basin. In terms of technology, China's dredging industry has rich technical reserves and construction experience, but the problem of sediment treatment involved in the process of dredging of wetlands, reservoirs and lakes within the basin, how to use ecological means to solve The problem also requires the full study of the industry. Because of the poor performance, it is prone to secondary pollution problems. After the establishment of Yongding River Basin Investment Co., Ltd., it has been advising the relevant departments on the siltation of the Yongding River, hoping to promote the reservoir from the national level. Dredging work."

Guanting Reservoir No. 8 Bridge Wetland under construction

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out in the report of the 19th National Congress that people should maintain a harmonious symbiosis between man and nature. It is necessary to establish and practice the concept of green water, green hills, and Jinshan Yinshan. How to implement this scientific concept in the Yongding River Basin?
Du Guozhi said that China's ecology is quietly changing under the guidance of the idea that the green hills are the Jinshan Yinshan. Taking the Yongding River Basin as an example, in the new round of governance and ecological restoration, good practice has been obtained. The work done, the shortcomings found, and the problems that are trying to solve are all aimed at restoring the green mountains of the Yongding River in the true sense.
In addition, along the Yongding River, natural resources are being sorted out, and after reaching the “green hills”, if it becomes “Jinshan Yinshan”, it is actually exerting its ecological benefits and realizing the value of ecological products. Therefore, the governance of the entire Yongding River Basin is completed from beginning to end under this guiding ideology.