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Santos Ports

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The port of Santos is located in the city of Santos, state of São Paulo, Brazil. The channel need to be broadened and deepened to relieve the traffic congestion of Santos Port, and to improve the production capacity which makes Santos to be a pivot port in Brazil and maintained its dominant position of ports in South American.

The Channel is 24.6 km long and is designed to be dredged to -15.0m and widened from 160m to 221~390m in different sections on both sides SDC deployed medium-scale TSHD Hang Jun 5001 and two large-scale TSHD, Xin Hai Niu and Xin Hai Feng to do the capital dredging and the maintenance work afterward.

By taking this project, SDC started to take further steps and get more involved to the local market of Brazil and South America.