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Yangshan Deep water Port

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Yangshan Deep-water Port is located at the junction of Shanghai and Zhejiang Province, China. It is a large container port built on offshore islands and reefs. The Yangshan port construction is the core project to turn Shanghai into an international shipping center. As one of the main pioneer contractors of this project, SDC undertook the following works, survey and engineering, land reclamation, dredging, training dike construction and dock construction. After the port is completed and started to operate, SDC perennially undertakes the annual maintenance dredging work for the port.

During the construction peak period, SDC has organized and deployed more than 100 vessels in order to form the harbor land as soon as possible. The total dredging volume is around 100 million m3 and the total length of dikes and cofferdams is around 10 km. The reclaimed land area of Yangshan Port is around 7 km2 and has been used for the construction of deepwater berths and terminal yards.

At present, Yangshan deep-water port has 30 berths for the fifth generation container ship, making Shanghai the world’s largest port with an annual container throughput amount of 40 million TEU.