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Tian Jing Hao

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With a dredging depth of 30m and a production rate of 4500m3/h, Tian Jing Hao is rated as Asia’s first and the world's third most powerful among the self-propelled cutter suction dredgers, and the production capacity is the best in Asian. Equipped with the most advanced automatic control system in the world and Asia's most powerful dredging system, Tian Jing Hao can perform automatic self-monitoring and self dredging. Thanks to its cutter power of 4200KW, Tian Jing Hao can dredge clay, gravel, dense sand, and also rock of 40 MPa. Being able to navigate and load barges in unrestricted areas, Tian Jing Hao is suitable for large-scale dredging projects under various sea conditions. It is also equipped with highly efficient dredge pumps and has a powerful ability of land reclamation, which ranks it the flagship of CCCC and even the dredging industry of China.