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The twenty-first world dredging conference was held in Miami, USA

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Two thousand and sixteen year Six month Thirteen - Seventeen Japan, No. Twenty-oneWorld Dredging Congress in Miami held as scheduled. From the dredging industry all over the world Six hundred Many experts and scholars attended the meeting, the theme of the conference: "dredging and innovation", published papers One hundred and twenty Articles, and held nearly Eighty Exhibitors of dredging equipment and products exhibition. In the dredging Group Chairman Zhou Jingbo, vice president Liu Shudong, members of the association on behalf of nearly Thirty People attended the meeting.

Chinese dredging in the delegation of four exhibitors, Eight Papers at the conference were read out. I represent the China dredging attracted delegates concerns, won the new international reputation. In the report the Guanghang Chen Lin on behalf of the remarkable super project of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau bridge tunnel trench siltation control and special process equipment successfully, showing a cross in the dredging in the core competitiveness of large offshore immersed tunnel project and super comprehensive strength, and will be highly concerned by the.

This session of the General Assembly on the local time Six month Seventeen Yen full closing.

The conference live as follows:

The opening ceremony of the conference


Conference Exhibition


Speaking on behalf of: Guanghang Chen Lin, Yang Zhengjun Jin Xueying, on the day of flight


Speaking on behalf of Li Jinfeng and Li Sheng on the day of flight: Zhang Ling, Jiangsu 610064


Exhibitor: Jiangsu Taiping, Wuhan bogang rubber


Exhibitors: Tianjin friends, Ningbo Yurun

All participants